Spiral Horn Apiary Video Portfolio

We have assembled this collection of instructional videos to assist new and experienced beekeepers in all things beekeeping.  We understand that there are many ways to accomplish tasks.  We are showing you proven techniques, concepts, and management practices that work in our commercial apiary.  Even if you are a beginning beekeeper you may find that the efficiency associated with executing they way that we have can save you time & energy.  Check back often to see new videos we add to our library

Spiral Horn Apiary Video Portfolio

We thank you for watching our videos and look forward to any comments (constructive) that you may want to add, or suggest topics for inclusion.  Send us an email with your thoughts and ideas!  Samantha and I will do our best to include your ideas into the Spiral Horn Apiary Video Portfolio so all Texas Beekeepers may benefit from our works.


Wiring Frame Detail Views

Wiring Frame Detail Views - Where the skill resides We have a season for wiring frames at Spiral Horn Apiary that runs from September through February.  We build frames the old fashion way using wood components and wiring frames to support wax foundation.  Why??  Because that frame style works the [...]