Spiral Horn Apiary tea selections were created through a symbiotic partnership with Art of Tea that we trust you will enjoy. Tea and Spiral Horn Apiary honey are naturals. We have spent hours with the Art of Tea experts matching the flavor profiles of some of their most popular teas with our honey. We have started with some traditional favorites, Art of Tea Earl Grey and Art of Tea Egyptian Chamomile. But it didn’t stop there. The line up this fall also includes Aztec Spice (my favorite) and BioDynamic Darjeeling.

We will continue to work with the Art of Tea experts to match Spiral Horn Apiary honey flavors each season with teas that we think you will enjoy. Check out our current selections

Art of Tea

Art of Tea is an award winning boutique importer and wholesaler of organic tea and specialty teas. They offer a personalized source of the highest quality organic loose leaf teas, organic herbal tea blends and select botanicals. They hand craft and sift through the best ingredients direct from growers including fair trade teas and blend in a heaping handful of hospitality. Art of Tea teas and tisanes are customized to create an array of taste profiles and health attributes such as our signature dessert teas for weight loss, blooming teas and jasmine pearls. Spiral Horn Apiary tea selections were chosen after profiling specific flavors in both products to create a wonderful tea and honey pairing.