Spiral Horn Apiary Skin Care Products

We produce all-natural, hand crafted soaps, lotions, hand creams, and lip balm for the best skin cleansing and moisturizing experience. Just read the ingredient list, there are no chemicals or synthetics. There have been many studies about the toxic affects of chemicals in skin care products.   We  formulated our products to provide the same benefits without the toxicity.

Going all natural is easy.  Your skin will thank you, and perhaps a significant other will too!


Spiral Horn Apiary skin care product lines starts with soap.  It is the beginning of the cleansing and rejuvenation process.  Each of our handcrafted soaps are paired with corresponding lotions and creams to deepen dermatological care.  Each are formulated to provide specific benefits.  Exfoliation, soothing oatmeal soaps, luxurious bath and body, or gentle and yet deep cleaning – we have it.  Now offered in three bar packs too.

Body Lotions

Blame genetics, sun, air, water, or some other factor but our skin is taking a beating each day.  It is easy to buy skin care products at local grocery or drugstore and mass manufactured products are relatively inexpensive.  Why?  They are full of synthetic chemicals – just read their ingredient lists.  Most of these chemicals can contribute to skin irritation or dryness for many consumers.  Spiral Horn Apiary skin care products are free of chemicals and drying alcohols.  Every ingredient can be absorbed and used beneficially by the dermis.  Read our ingredient list and choose.

Hand Creams & Lip Balms

Imitators have bought bulk or wholesale lotions and creams, added some scenting oils and called it “handcrafted”.  We don’t.  We start with the purest oils and butters and emulsify  the ingredients into a final handcrafted all natural skin care product.  We use natural preservatives like vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract to ensure long shelf life without synthetic chemical preservatives.