Spiral Horn Apiary Honey

Our honey is produced by honey bees located within the state of Texas. We do not place our honey bee colonies in areas treated with agricultural chemicals to ensure that both our honey bees and honey remain healthy and pure. We only provide our honey in glass containers to ensure that our product comes to you in the purest form possible.

Know Your Beekeeper!

How do you know your honey is real if you don’t know your beekeeper?  Yes, we keep bees.  Not all honey producers do.  So where do they get the honey?  Import?  Outside of Texas?  What was the origin of that honey?  Is it pure?  All legitimate questions.  Question those that don’t appear on RealTexasHoney.com

We love visitors and are not afraid to have folks see that we are REAL BEEKEEPERS.  If you are interested in field trips or group tours, call us!  We love what our honey bees produce and we think you will too.  Taste the Spiral Horn Apiary honey difference.

Spiral Horn Apiary Honey is pure, raw and unfiltered honey extracted from the honey comb which retains all of its natural flavor and nutritional benefits.  Honey that has been highly filtered, blended, and even heated to high temperatures to aid in the bottling process has lost most of its natural flavor and certainly most all nutritional benefits.  Large honey “packers” buy honey from around the world, filter (removes pollen – a.k.a flavor), and blend it to obtain a consistent color, viscosity, and flavor each and every time it is bottled.  That is great if you want the same old – same old, and perhaps an unknown product with potentially harmful contaminants (Google “Chinese Honey Dumping”).  Know your Beekeeper!

Tea selections that pair well with our honey