Spiral Horn Apiary Beekeeping Workshops

We will offer our workshop at Spiral Horn Apiary again in Spring 2019. We aim to educate new beekeepers with a desire to learn how to keep bees in order to learn more about this incredible insect, improve their gardens, provide honey and beautiful beeswax for candles and other products for their friends and family. Our instruction includes both class room style presentations, hands-on work in the apiary, and exposure to our honey house processing methods. Those attending our classes also have an opportunity to “partner” with Spiral Horn Apiary in order to extract, bottle and sell their surplus honey and hive products.

Beekeeping Workshops

Beekeeping Workshop Registration

Please “like” us on Facebook to receive announcements referencing Spring and Fall beekeeping workshop schedules.  Classes are limited to 15 participants.  We do keep a pre-announcement and wait list for individuals that contact us between course dates or could not enroll due to workshops being full.  We will provide priority enrollment for such individuals.  Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation must be made 10 days in advance for a full refund.

  • Class 1 – Biology and Behavior (Classroom – 4 Hours) March 30, 2019, 8a-5p
    Your ability to keep bees alive and healthy requires a strong understanding of their biology and behavior. Understand disease, parasites, and nutrition. Keeping bees is not like it was decades ago. Keeping bees alive starts here. Don’t worry, we make it fun.

  • Beekeeping Equipment (Classroom 2 Hours; Hands-on 2 Hours) March 30, 2019 (see class 1 above)
    Understand the vast array of equipment options and which may be best for your journey in beekeeping. Learn to assemble boxes and frames correctly. Tour our honey house and see the equipment used to extract and bottle honey.

  • Colony Management (Classroom 4 hours; Hands-On 4 hours) April 27, 2019 10a-5p
    We work in production hives at Spiral Horn Apiary during this workshop session. You will learn to identify queen-rite hives, brood at all stages of development, test for Varroa mites, and understand proper colony management techniques

  • Harvest and Hive Products (Classroom 3 hours; Hands-On 5 hours) June 1, 2019,  10a-5p
    Beekeepers will harvest honey (and take some home) using equipment utilized by hobby beekeepers. Learn about other income generating opportunities related to other hive products including beeswax, propolis, queen and nuc production environments

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Mark Hedley
Mark HedleyOwner / Operator / Instructor
Mark Hedley remains active in the following beekeeping organizations as a member, officer, and/or Board Member while continuing our education in the field of beekeeping; staying current on all beekeeping news; and observing all state and federal regulations:

Member, American Beekeeping Federation
Member, Texas Beekeepers Association
2012-2014 President, Concho Valley Beekeepers
2014-2016 Director, Texas Beekeepers Association
2016-2017 Vice President, Texas Beekeepers Association
2015-2017 Director, American Beekeeping Federation
2015-2017 Director, San Saba Farm Bureau
2018-20xx Vice President, San Saba Farm Bureau