Project Description

Wiring Frame Detail Views – Where the skill resides

We have a season for wiring frames at Spiral Horn Apiary that runs from September through February.  We build frames the old fashion way using wood components and wiring frames to support wax foundation.  Why??  Because that frame style works the best in our environment.  This video depicts wiring frame detail views so you get an up close and slower perspective of hand movements and wiring techniques used at Spiral Horn Apiary.

We have created a number of How To Videos that you may helpful as you start the journey in beekeeping, polish some skills, or just “see how we do it here”.  Videos related to beekeeping on the Internet come from all kinds of beekeepers – some good ideas and some not so good ideas.  The challenge is determining which is which.  Everybody with a video camera and a connection to the Internet can be a self proclaimed expert.

Spiral Horn Apiary Videos depict methods and practices that work for us.  We don’t claim to be experts or know-it-alls in anything beekeeping.  We depict methods that we have identified to be efficient and effective in our environment.  The tools we use and the processes have gone through several iterations to now feel that we can bring them to you.

Now that you have reviewed our site, hopefully have liked our Facebook Page, you have gotten to know us and can make your own judgements as to whether or not the methods we use warrant a chance in your operation.