Project Description

Building about 250+ migratory lids a year

Migratory lids are used by beekeepers that place colonies on custom hive pallets.  The overhang at the front and back of the hive keeps the migratory lid from shifting on the hive while eliminating the side to side gap between hives that would be created with a traditional telescoping lid.  Using migratory lids eliminates the need for inner covers as the beekeeper can use a hive tool to easily pry the lid from the side.

We chose to build our own migratory lids as we build so many of them and have the tools that make the process painless.  Especially useful is a track saw such as the Festool TS55.  We used to use a circular saw (table saw is an option too) on the back deck of the bee truck with clamps and straight edge devices.  We never could get that “perfect cut” and our migratory lid assembly process proved it.  As with all good tools though, a track saw is not cheap and may need a lot of projects to justify the cost.  Ours has been an indispensable time saver.

The measurements provided in the video represent 8 frame hive construction.  You may use the same techniques to construct your migratory lids for 10 frame construction by simply changing the measurements to fit the boxes you have.