Pecan Jam 2012 Debut

San Saba county’s largest festival occurs each October where attendees from around the state come and enjoy a day of great music, Texas winery tastings, San Saba pecan growers, and vendors displaying their crafts, goods, and services to all.  Spiral Horn Apiary made its first public appearance at the Pecan Jam festival!  We were proud to display and sell our honey, 100% pure beeswax candles, and all natural hand crafted skin care products.

The observation hive loaded with about 10,000 honey bees, and proudly displaying the queen, her court, and other busy honey bees in the “viewing” area turned out to be a great draw.  Pecan Jam has a lot of activities for children, and they came in droves to look at the bees.  Parents, grandparents, and festival attendees of all ages wanted to know more about the honey bees and all shared a story or two.  The shopping was great as well.  I noted in particular that someone either was Christmas shopping or really liked honey as they bought four 2 lb jars!  The ladies all loved the sampling station for the creams, lotions, and soaps.   We all enjoyed the festival and look forward to seeing you at Pecan Jam in 2013!