432 Bottles of Honey on the Wall….

Packing honey drives a lot of folks out of the business due to the mess, labor, time, and commitment it requires.  Honey is not your enemy!  Lack of automation makes the process a whole lot more difficult.  I’m not saying that automated filling machines are required to produce a couple dozen jars, or even a hundred or two.  When you consider packing TONS of honey each year equating to multiple thousands of jars, automation can save friendships, or even marriages.

We currently use a Cleveland Equipment Piston Filler with an 8 gallon hopper.  We set the machine to a specific fill volume and verify the honey output  weight (ie 1 pound) on our electronic scales.  With the fill volume verified, filling the jars with honey is as simple as pressing a button.  The stainless steel piston filler is broken down after each use to clean and sanitize all components.  We use only Queenline glass jars for our honey.  Glass is a little more expensive than plastic but don’t YOU deserve the very best?

We apply sanitary caps after each jar receives a pre-set volume of honey.  A protective shrink wrap band is placed on each jar to ensure that our product comes to you without fears of tampering.

We filled, capped, and shrink banded 18 cases (432 jars) in just a few hours today with the help of our filling machine.  After we apply our labels these jars of honey will be available for sale on our on-line store,  in local specialty shops (sorry Walmart), or you can stop by and see us at a local farmer’s market.