Field trips for young children are perhaps one of the most important things we do at Spiral Horn Apiary each year.  We believe in giving back to our community and these educational and fun field trips are just one of the ways we share ourselves and our knowledge of the glorious honey bee.

We host approximately twelve community related functions or field trips during the months of February through November.  We love to show off our honey bees in the observation hive and it is simply too cold to take them out of their hives during other times of the year.

A normal school field trip lasts about 4 hours.  We have a “release the energy” period after the kids first arrive from their journey, then begin a short presentation (loads of pictures) about honey bees, biology, and behavior.  A show-and-tell period afterwards allows the kids to see and touch all the components of the hive assemblies and how each part functions. The grand entrance of the observation hive includes wearing a bee jacket and operating the smoker!

Inside our honey house we talk about each piece of equipment and how it helps us to extract honey that our bees provide.  From comb to bottling, we cover it all.  Time allowing, we demonstrate how Spiral Horn Apiary Lip Balm is made and each participant gets to apply the label and take one home.

We have had small and large field trips for school kids (and younger) and we cover the following:

  • A brief history of beekeeping
  • Honey bee biology and behavior
  • Colony pests and dangers to honey bees
  • A look at the live bees in an observation hive
  • Honey House Tours
  • Product Demos

Teachers are looking for alternatives to strictly classroom learning and provided you have the venue, the time, and a little patience you will find that adding field trips to your schedule can be rewarding for both you as a beekeeper and to our young children.  Who knows, you may actually inspire a young child to become a beekeeper some day!

Spiral Horn Apiary does not charge admission for tours and field trips.  We do however showcase our honey, skin care, and beeswax products and appreciate your patronage.