Extension Education of Wallace Creek visits Spiral Horn Apiary

The Wallace Creek Extension Education and San Saba Garden Club members came out to the Apiary on October 23 for a day of fun and honey bee education.  Approximately 35-40 members were in attendance.  Since we were a little short on bee suits and a bee yard tour was a little challenging logistically we loaded up the observation hive and brought the bee yard to them!

During the presentation of honey bee biology and bee-havior, the questions started coming.  The members’ questions were inspiring as the interest in these fascinating creatures really goes beyond my imagination.  Followed by a tour of our honey extraction facilities and how we hand craft our beeswax candles and skin care products were more questions and conversations about honey bee diseases, US and global honey markets, and commercial skin care products.  I really understand what Extension Education is all about now.  This isn’t just a social group, they are really about education!

At the end of the event we all had time for cupcakes that Melanie made using our honey (instead of sugar).  Of course we had the “store” open for the members to take home some of the great all natural hand crafted products made at Spiral Horn Apiary.  If you have not seen all the great honey recipes on the National Honey Board website, check them out at www.honey.com.  I think I have a new favorite cupcake:  The Bittersweet Chocolate Raspberry Truffle…..to die for.