Please Contact Us…..

If you don’t contact us, how can we take care of all your honey and hive product needs?  Place an on-line order, send us an email, text message, or call.  If we are not able to answer, please leave a message as we are out with the bees, processing honey, or mixing soothing lotions, hand-crafting your next bar of soap, or creating a pure beeswax candle to supplement your need for the perfect ambiance.  The important thing is that we want your business and are willing to earn it by providing the best products and customer service possible.

You can contact us by email ( ) or simply use the form below.  We check email several times a day.  If text messaging is your thing, you can contact us via that method at 325-792-6818.

If are just tired of dealing with all the technology, contact us telephone at  325-305-2100.  Please leave a message if we are not able to get to the phone, after all, that one is tethered to a wall and our hands may be sticky with honey, or we just can’t get to that phone before the machine butts in.

Mark F. Hedley
Mark F. HedleyOwner / Operator