June 2016

April 2016

Moving Hives

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Beekeepers eventually find themselves moving hives as operational conditions mandate.  Reasons may include: Adverse environmental conditions Relocation of newly created splits/nucs Migratory beekeeping / pollination services Bee yard consolidations These scenarios come to play more often when a beekeeper grows operations from five hives to sideline and commercial ventures.  Beekeepers can and will benefit by [...]

March 2016

Sperm Viability in Queens

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During my research on queen rearing practices, I came across an interesting article from the February issue of the Catch the Buzz newsletter, part of Bee Culture magazine, about the impact shipping has on the sperm viability in queens.  This article, written by Kim Kaplan, outlines the process and results of an experiment conducted by [...]

Buying Nucs

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Buying Nucs For those thoroughly caught by the beekeeping “bug”, there are several ways to expand your operation.  One such way is by buying nucs, or nucleus hives, from another beekeeper in your area.  Nucleus hives consist of three to four frames of bees, brood (eggs, larvae, and capped), resources such as honey and pollen, [...]