Spiral Horn Apiary Equipment, Jigs, Templates, and Manufacturer Product Reviews

March 2016

Buying Nucs

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Buying Nucs For those thoroughly caught by the beekeeping “bug”, there are several ways to expand your operation.  One such way is by buying nucs, or nucleus hives, from another beekeeper in your area.  Nucleus hives consist of three to four frames of bees, brood (eggs, larvae, and capped), resources such as honey and pollen, [...]

January 2016

Installing Foundation

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Once you’ve built your frames it’s time to install foundation. We recommend saving installation until just before you need the frames, to keep down the risk of bees, or any other pest moving in during the colder months. The process for installing foundation will vary, depending on the type used. Spiral Horn Apiary uses [...]

June 2013

Honey Bee Education for Kids

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Honey bee education for kids has never been this much fun.  A general knowledge of parental mathematics will provide an individual with one definite answer to a formula whereby kids are added to honey to equal a sticky mess.  […]