Art of Tea and Spiral Horn Apiary have created a partnership that we trust you will enjoy.  Tea and honey are naturals.  We have spent hours with the Art of Tea experts matching the flavor profiles of some of their most popular teas with our honey this season.  We have started with some traditional favorites,  Earl Grey and Egyptian Chamomile.  But it didn’t stop there.  The line up this fall also includes Aztec Spice (my favorite) and BioDynamic Darjeeling.

We will continue to work with the Art of Tea experts to match our honey flavors each season with selections that we think you will enjoy.  Shop our current selections for this season:

Always let your tea cool a little before adding honey.  Temperatures above 158 degrees F will harm all of the beneficial enzymes in honey that are good for our bodies.  Not sure which one to choose?  Try our favorite – Aztec Spice and let us know how you like that one coupled with our honey this season.  We will continue sampling teas that provide potential matches to our honey flavor profile each time we harvest.  Our honey flavor will change (like a fine wine) each season based upon the nectar availability in our local flowers, trees, and shrubs.  We will offer teas we think go great together.