Keepers of the Bees

A former executive who ditched the corporate life for an escape to the Texas Hill Country created Spiral Horn Apiary. GONE were a six figure salary, days filled with meetings in sealed office buildings, a big house in a booming metropolis, over-scheduled kids and IN were a rural farm, a local population of a couple thousand, very real responsibilities to create and run a business on his own and the opportunity to connect with nature. He was ready for a new lifestyle on a ranch near San Saba where he, his wife, and two daughters could work hard, grow together, and build a family business.Almost immediately, the entire family was working alongside the bees.  As they learned more about the bees, they planned.

In order to optimize the bees energy for making honey, the ranch’s mesquite, pecan and oaks were supplemented with other native trees offering pollen and nectar for the bees.  Similarly, acres of native Texas wildflowers were met with newly planted Texas wildflowers. The habitat helps prevent bees from traveling further for pollen and nectar into areas where the organic environment may potentially be compromised by pesticides or other factors, impacting our honey bees’ health and the purity of Spiral Horn Apiary products.

Launching Spiral Horn Apiary

Started from just 50 hives and native Texas Queens in the spring of 2012, the business quickly grew in colony counts, and importantly, honey.  Within the community, Spiral Horn Apiary became a vital local resource not only for delicious honey, all natural soaps and lotions, 100% pure beeswax candles but also serves the community by assisting local officials with honey bee related issues.

The taste profile of Spiral Horn’s honey is distinct and evolves throughout the year in tandem with nature and wildlife.  The family has grown partial to their very own aspect of the fruits of the bee’s hard work.

Where We’re Headed

Spiral Horn Apiary has a goal of reaching 1,000 production colonies by 2020.  Each year we grow our colony count – over 500 in 2016, yet get set back a bit by loss of colonies as all beekeepers today experience.  We still believe in our target and remain committed to achieving our goals.

We enjoy servicing our clients directly through on-line orders and visits to the apiary.  We soon realized that establishing partnerships with local suppliers was the best way to meet the growing demand for Spiral Horn Apiary products.  Our partnerships continue to grow enabling us to serve you better.

We continue to dedicate time each season for community service through field trips and speaking to various social organizations interested in honey bees.  Mark remains very active in state and national beekeeping organizations.  He served as Vice President of the Texas Beekeepers Association and Board Member of the American Beekeepers Federation from 2015-2017.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Mark Hedley
Mark HedleyOwner / Operator
After 25 years in the hotel and casino business I “retired” to actually be part of the family instead of traveling all the time. Being part of my daughters’ lives every day as they have matured into young women has been very rewarding (and educational). Country life requires patience, self reliance, and a strong sense of community. I never would have thought running a business in this environment could be so rewarding and satisfying. Without the support of my wife and children, none of this would have been possible.
Michelle Hedley
Michelle HedleyRN, Wife, Mom, Town Logistics
Raising two young ladies in the country is a challenge – no malls, movie theaters, restaurants, Starbucks, or grocery stores just around the corner created some challenges. Adjusting wasn’t that difficult and the big city life isn’t that far away if we need a dose. I find it rewarding to work side by side with Mark and the girls in the apiary and especially the bee lab analyzing samples to ensure our bees remain healthy. I maintain a full-time job as an RN at a local hospital which also keeps me busy and close to the grocery store, post office, and other vendors that provide our supplies at the Apiary.
Melanie Hedley
Melanie HedleyChef / Formulator
After discovering my passion for the culinary arts, I used my skills to formulate recipes for the Spiral Horn Apiary specialty products. I enjoy spending my free time creating new scents, candle designs, and recipes. I just graduated with a bachelors degree from the Culinary Institute of America in NY, now working in California honing my skills in Food & Beverage Management with Four Seasons Hotels. However, my heart will always remain at the Apiary with my family.
Sara Hedley
Sara HedleyPart Time Sales
Being the people person of the family, my role as Sales Representative was an obvious fit from the start. Over the course of Spiral Horn Apiary’s growth, I have secured over half of the retail partnerships we maintain. I recently graduated from Texas A&M (whoop) with a B.A. in Economics and started my career in Expatriate Management with Ernst & Young (E.Y.). I continue working Sales when time allows to help my parents grow the business.