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Spiral Horn Apiary Kids Day

Fascination of honey bees in the observation hive

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Beekeeping isn't like it was in Grandad's days. Start your experience with a great education.

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Spiral Horn Apiary Beekeeping Workshop

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About Our Products

Real beekeepers producing pure, raw, unfiltered honey and all natural skin care products. With the help of our bees of course.

Going All Natural Is Easy

Melanie creating a batch of soap

Melanie creating a batch of soap

Why Does Honey Crystalize?

A peek at a few of Spiral Horn Apiary latest happenings

Spiral Horn Apiary has over 500 colonies of honey bees in San Saba county with a goal of 1,000 by 2017.  We are real beekeepers producing real honey.  We aren’t always in the hives though.  We enjoy reaching out to the community through public speaking events, school field trips, group tours, and beekeeping education workshops for individuals that want to begin a journey into beekeeping.

Knowing Your Honey Is Real = Knowing Your Beekeeper
  • Does the producer CURRENTLY keep honey bees?
  • Does the beekeeper extract and package honey from their own honey bees?
  • Is the beekeeper a member of local or state beekeeping associations?

Spiral Horn Apiary

Spiral Horn Apiary is a family operated business focused on bringing the purest honey, beeswax, and all natural skin care products to a discerning population.  How we got started is perhaps less important to you than what we produce, how, and why.  We all hear the news about the chemicals, hormones, and environmental issues that affect products we consume or our overall well being.  We chose to “jump from the proverbial train” and begin taking better care of ourselves, the honey bees, and hopefully you as well.  Going all natural can be easy, you just have to allow yourself to let go.

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Mark F. HedleyOwner / Operator
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